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Digital Art
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Drawings after photographic pattern

Sascha Cherniajev – Caricatures and drawings from the digital photo.

If there is no opportunity to act as a model face to face, there is an alternative way to obtain one of Sascha Cherniajevs portraits: Lightning scetches or cartoons drawn after a digital photo.
Here’s how:
Simply send a photo or portrait-photo of yourself to the artist by e-mail. On the photographic pattern your face should be in crisp and clear to make sure your drawing is a most accurate portrait or a cartoon of your real personality.
The caricaturist and cartoonist Sasha immediately starts drawing your order. After five days the artist will send a „true portrait“ or a „cartoon picture“ in DIN A2 or DIN A3 format in paper form.

Here are some examples (click to enlarge images):