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Digital Art
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Smartphone Art

Drawings directly on your mobile phone

As one of the world’s first rapid artists and caricaturists, Sascha now draws his pictures directly on your mobile phone. Hence, you are be able to share his funny cartoons immediately with the whole world! Fast and witty as ever, Sasha draws your picture, but directly to his cell phone. On a screen, you and your friends can follow as a funny cartoon is created with skilful strokes in no time. After a few minutes, the caricaturist finishes his drawing and sends to your phone via Bluetooth, WiFi or e-mail. Now you can show your „new face“ to all your friends on the Internet or by e-mail!

Small cell phone for great celebrations

Especially on large parties and events, this new technology stands for a great event! Collect the cartoons of your colleagues and create a funny collage. Or display on a screen at your booth, who has been already turned into a funny cartoon. Whether for large or small events, birthdays, weddings, fairs: caricaturist Sascha is always putting a smile or a laughter on people’s faces. Now digital!