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Sascha Cherniajev the show cartoonist

Entertainment – Promotion – Fair Animation
Shorten and sweeten your customers time by an artist at the booth.

On the big fairs in Germany fair cartoonist and caricaturist Sascha Cherniajev ensures variety and entertainment. Sascha already gave proof of his skills as a fair cartoonist on exhibitions in Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hanover. Whether technology trade show, arts and crafts fair, Medical Exhibition – Sascha Cherniajev adapts its appearance and its handling of the form to the public.
Here are some examples – enlarge by clicking on the images:

Prepared for an international audience

The fair cartoonist is also prepared for an international audience as he speaks English and Russian besides of German.

Logos and labels of your company and your event
By request, the cartoonist Sascha Cherniajev includes your company logo or company endorsement in his art. This makes his caricatures drawn at the fair a valuable and memorable reminder of you and your business.