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Digital Art
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Digital Art

Sascha Cherniajev also paints cartoons with the computer in POP ART style. This happens very quickly: In a very short time span your drawing appears on a Tablet PC (Samsung Galaxy Pad or iPad), a laptop or as an effective large-scale projection! Events, fairs, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations peaking out digitally. Bring a smile to the faces of your guests and raise their desire to be drawn themselves.

Cartoonist and caricaturist on the digital screen of the iPad

Meanwhile it become Sascha Cherniajevs standard: Caricatures and drawings not only from the photo but also directly on iPad. Many people use the iPad for iBooks and for the Internet. Sascha Cherniajev extends the ability of this „digital toy“ – he converts it into a digital canvas. With a special iPad stylus, a digital brush, he draws cartoons in minutes, and enchants his customers and his audience. The drawings and cartoons can be projected directly on a large digital display. On request, the drawn portraits can also be printed or sent via email.

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People are usually already lining up at his digital easel and marvel at the magic of the artist. They can´t wait until a picture of themselves with the characteristic artistic effect of the iPad is produced.